(Visual Album)


Ages 14+ / 35 mins


Premiered at the 2021 undercurrents festival March 11-14, 2021

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A Skeleton Key Production
Created by 
Kate Smith & Scottie Irving
Performed by Kate Smith, Scottie Irving, Alex Wickham, Juan Miguel Gomez Montant, and Kathryn Patricia with KAR33M

A rock concert on rising seas. 

Deluge follows climate change refugees and their struggle to survive in an unpredictable environment. A visual album, Deluge explores the impacts of climate change through the eyes of two characters set adrift and left to navigate the remains of their sunken town.

*Artist appears courtesy of Canadian Actors' Equity Association

Photo credits: Kamara Morozuk, Kate Smith
Filmed by: Derek Price and Jeremy Kennedy of

Obscura Creative

Recorded at: Zorro Studios


Skeleton Key gratefully acknowledges support from the City of Ottawa.

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