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We used this challenge to create the music and sound effects for our play. It’s also a great way to scare your friends with some seriously spooky sound effects!

What you need



What you need: Instruments; materials; objects and body parts; anything that make sound!

FIRST: Gather a group of your friends, family and/or neighbours and collect whatever makes sound. Bragging rights go to the person who finds the most creative noisemaker! Some examples of common household items that make great sounds include: a cheese grater, cutlery, beans in a glass jar or box, etc.

NEXT: Using your collection of noisemakers, explore all the different sounds they can make.

NOW: Making your own outdoor play? Challenge each other to make sounds effects from the story. Or, having a fun afternoon playing with sound? Challenge each other to make every kind of sound effect in the whole wide world ever!


  1. Choose your favourite sound effects and create a soundscape with them. This can be of a scene in your play, or a mood, or even a place.

  2. Take turns acting as the Conductor and guide the shape of the soundscape by raising your hands to increase the volume or bringing them to touch the floor for silence.

  3. Get half the group to close their eyes and try to guess which noisemakers are being used to make a sound effect or soundscape.

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