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Presented by the National Arts Centre English Theatre’s Grand Acts of Theatre

A rock concert on rising seas, Deluge follows climate change refugees and their struggle to survive in an unpredictable environment. When pregnant Callie survives the sudden flooding of her coastal town, she and the only other survivor, a teenager named Lewis, seek to escape their situation through a fantastical musical journey of their own making. Allowing music to transport them to other times and places, the pair unpack their pasts as they recalibrate their futures. Accompanied by a band of ghost musicians, they are forced to confront whether or not humanity is brave enough to face our present moment - and take action.

NAC Grand Acts of Theatre


Marking this Moment

As the performing arts sector continues to face unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Arts Centre has responded with Grand Acts of Theatre, an initiative to bring Canadian artists and audiences together. Eleven of Canada’s most innovative theatre companies have been engaged to create and perform large-scale, new works in response to these times, which will be performed outdoors in front of live audiences in various Canadian locations, filmed, and later shared online. For more information on Grand Acts of Theatre and the companies involved please visit

The National Arts Centre Foundation wishes to thank RBC, Presenting Partner of Grand Acts of Theatre.

Grand Acts of Theatre is also made possible thanks to the support from The Jenepher Hooper Fund for Theatre at the National Arts Centre Foundation, established as a result of a generous gift from the estate of Jenepher Margaret Hooper.


Visual Album


Ages 14+ / 35 mins


Premiered at the 2021 undercurrents festival March 11-14, 2021

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A Skeleton Key Production
Created by Kate Smith & Scottie Irving
Performed by Kate Smith, Scottie Irving, Alex Wickham, Juan Miguel Gomez Montant, and Kathryn Patricia with KAR33M

A rock concert on rising seas. 

Deluge follows climate change refugees and their struggle to survive in an unpredictable environment. A visual album, Deluge explores the impacts of climate change through the eyes of two characters set adrift and left to navigate the remains of their sunken town.

*Artist appears courtesy of Canadian Actors' Equity Association

Photo credits: Kamara Morozuk, Kate Smith
Filmed by: Derek Price and Jeremy Kennedy of

Obscura Creative

Recorded at: Zorro Studios


Skeleton Key gratefully acknowledges support from the City of Ottawa.

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