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Skeleton Key Theatre produces original Canadian work that creates immersive theatrical experiences for its audiences.

We strive to create theatre that:

  • Creates opportunities for unique and personal performance experiences

  • Focuses on supporting female artists and their voices

  • Provides an environment to grow the seeds of ideas into full-fledged productions

  • Explores new mediums, techniques, and processes

  • Showcases Canadian work locally, nationally, and internationally

Swan River
Swan River
Ladies of the Lake
Swan River

Our Mandate

Skeleton Key Theatre creates, produces, and presents original Canadian work that offers immersive theatrical experiences for audiences in collaboration with local and national presenters and community groups. Using collaborative creation and working in non-traditional spaces, Skeleton Key provides intergenerational audiences with engaging opportunities to examine the issues of our time. This is realized by giving established and emerging artists an environment to grow the seeds of ideas into full-fledged productions, supporting the voices of female-identifying and non-binary artists, and thinking outside the black box.


Our work is Innovative, Immersive, and Immediate.

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Core Values

Innovation: our artists have the courage to take creative risks in form, approach, and ways of working, challenging convention

Integrity: we value honesty, generosity, and accountability, and provide a high level of care for all whom we interact with, operating with a high degree of professionalism

Generosity: we believe in a welcoming and respectful workplace with opportunities for diverse and emerging arts workers

Good Stewardship: It is essential that we respect people, resources, and our planet in our process.

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