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We used this challenge to come up with creative ways of making what seemed impossible in our play possible. It’s also a great way to dazzle your friends and family with some low-fi special effects!

What you need

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What you need: at least one other person to help make the impossible possible; a collection of objects from inside and outside your home


FIRST: Gather a group of family, friends and/or neighbours and pick an object.

NEXT: Take turns pretending to use the object in a way that is different from how the object is usually used. Keep passing it around the group until you’ve completely run out of ideas and then pick a new object.

NOW: Once your imaginations are fully charged, challenge your group to make an impossible scene possible by using objects in new and creative ways. Making your own outdoor play? Choose an impossible scene or moment from the story. Or, having a fun afternoon being creative with family and friends? Dream up the most impossible scene you can!


  1. Make your impossible scene even more impossible by changing up the location where it takes place. Good locations to try are underwater, outer-space and on top of a mountain.

  2. For added effect, use your body, voice or noise makers to layer sound effects in to your scene.

  3. Shrink your scene by pretending regular sized objects are tiny versions of regular sized things: like pretending your pet hedgehog is actually a walnut and having it scurry around the forest floor, which is actually just your Uncle Henry’s old fuzzy green sweater!

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