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We used this challenge to find the perfect outdoor spot for our play! It’s also a great way to learn about the plants, trees and animals who live in your backyard!

What you need



What you need: A large outdoor space; neighbourhood plants; trees and/or animals; the official “Which Nest is Best?” Checklist; books, videos and/or a person who knows a lot about nature (for learning facts!).

FIRST: Gather your friends, family and/or neighbours and decide on the outdoor area you will explore. Making your own outdoor play? Use the official "Which Nest is Best?" Checklist to find the perfect outdoor spot for your play. Or, having a fun afternoon exploring the outdoors? Choose one of your favourite outdoor spots!


NEXT: Have each member of your group pick a plant, tree or animal in the area and learn 3 things about it:

  1. A unique characteristic

  2. Something interesting about it

  3. If it’s a plant or tree: can you eat it? And if it’s an animal: what does it’s home look like?


NOW: Walk the area as a group. When you come across your chosen species, share what you’ve learned about it with the group.


  1. Find any plants or trees you can eat? Invent a recipe that uses them as ingredients.

  2. Create your own Field Guide! Take pictures and/or make drawings of each plant, tree or animal and write down your 3 facts. As you learn more and more about your backyard, keep updating your Field Guide with all the fascinating new things you've learned!

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