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We used this challenge to come up with the story for our play! You can use it to do the same or just to have a fun afternoon with people in your neighbourhood.

What you need



What you need: At least one other person to share stories with; supplies to draw a map (paper, pencil crayons or markers); stories to tell.

FIRST: Gather a group of your friends, family, and/or neighbours. Have each person in your group choose a story of something that happened to them in the neighborhood. Make sure to save your story for your story stop - don't give it all away off the top!

NEXT: Make a map of all the places these stories happened - everyone on the walking tour gets at least one story stop.

NOW: Go on your walk! Follow the map and stop to tell each other your stories in the places where they happened. Want to make your own outdoor play? Choose your favourite story from the walk to use as your play’s outline or plot. Can’t choose between stories? Make one epic play that includes all the stories!


  1. Invite someone on the walk who’s lived in your neighbourhood much longer than you have. They’ll likely have some awesome stories to share from before you lived there!

  2. After each story, get everyone on the walk to help act out the story in the place where it happened.

  3. Write down the stories, take photos of everyone in their spot, and collect it all into a storybook of your neighbourhood!

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