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We used this challenge to add music to the movement in our play. It’s also a great excuse to have a dance party with your friends and family!

What you need

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What you need: At least one other person to make music and move with; instruments and/or noisemakers; bodies for moving!


FIRST: Gather your friends, family and/or neighbours and get half the group to pick their favourite instrument or noisemaker.

NOW: Have the other half of the group pick characters. Making your own outdoor play? Choose a character from the story. Or, having a fun afternoon being creative with your community? Choose a favourite character, animal or person.

NEXT: Get the movers to move as their characters to the music and sounds their friends and family make. Then get the music makers to play music and create sounds to their friends and family’s movements. Once each group has had their turn being the leaders and the followers, swap roles so that the movers become the music makers and the music makers become the movers and do the challenge again!


  1. Play with speeding up and slowing down your movements and/or music.

  2. Get all movers to move as a flock. Stand in a group and face in the same direction. The person at the front of the group is the leader and everyone else must follow and copy their movements. Take turns being the leader. The goal is for the whole group to look like they are moving as one.

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