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We used this challenge to come up with the costumes for our play. It’s also a great excuse to dress up your parents!

What you need

Vanessa (1).png


What you need: At least one other person to design costumes with; paper, pencil or markers (supplies to draw up your costume sketches!); a pile of clothes, accessories and other dress-up items.

FIRST: Gather a group of family, friends and/or neighbours. Making your own outdoor play? Choose a character from the story. Or, having a fun afternoon among fellow dress-up fanatics? Choose a favourite character.

NEXT: Pair up. Take turns asking each other questions about your characters and what they might wear. Questions like: what’s their favourite thing to do?  What’s their favourite colour? Based on these character interviews, draw a sketch of each other’s costume.


NOW: Make these costumes in real life by dressing each other up as close to your costume sketches as possible.


  1. Create a unique hairstyle and stage makeup for your character to go with your costume. Experiment with different styles and put yourself in your character’s shoes: what would make them feel the most beautiful? Appear the most dangerous? The most intimidating? Find photos of styles you think are cool and give it a go!

  2. Make or find a prop for your character, a special object that they carry around with them.

  3. Show off your designs and take this show on the road by going on a costume parade around your neighbourhood. See who notices your new outfits!

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