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We used this challenge to learn how to move like our characters. It’s also a great way to explore and get to know people, animals and creatures all around you!

What you need

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What you need: Bodies for moving; people and/or animals to observe; books, pictures, videos and/or your imagination (source material!).

FIRST: Gather a group of your friends, family and/or neighbours. Making your own outdoor play? Choose a character from the story. Or, having a fun afternoon moving with your loved ones? Choose a favourite character, animal or person.

NEXT: Take a close look at how they move. If your character’s a real person or animal, try observing them in their natural environment. Remember: be sneaky and definitely DO NOT get caught! If your character’s from a story, lives far away or is make-believe, observe how they move by reading books, watching videos, looking at photos or by using your imagination.

NOW: Use your body to move like your character. For added inspiration, get everyone in the group to move as each others characters and copy them.


  1. Play a game of character charades and guess who each other’s character is just by how they move.

  2. Take turns challenging each other to make your characters do specific tasks like brushing their teeth or playing basketball.

  3. Plan an obstacle course and have your characters race each other. Everyone must move like their character as they race!

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